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I've always been an adventurous spirit. In some circles that translates to brave; in others the definition leans more toward brainless. This thought crossed my mind most recently while discussing the expanse of wireless Web services with a friend. There had been a recent flurry of activity to provide content and services available via wireless devices, and a thought experiment quickly ensued. How extensive is the state of the wireless world? How successfully could a person rely solely on the content and services provided by the wireless Net? Where could we find a sorry sucker who'd give it a try? Post-PC Man? I must admit I'm addicted to my PC. Nothing short of the center of my cosmos, as a developer it is my livelihood. As a citizen of a modern society, it is my gateway to the world at large. Living without the vast amounts of information would be a struggle, to say... (more)

The Future of the Wireless Generation

Close your eyes for a minute as you picture the stereotypical computer programmer - one who spends most of his or her time actually programming, a borderline hacker. Okay go ahead. I'm one of those programmers. So I can fairly perpetuate the stereotype, right? Here's what I see: glasses, messy hair, only as tan as you can get basking in the glow of a monitor covered with empty Mountain Dew cans. After scouring the innards of technical manuals until ungodly hours, being found the next morning passed out over the keyboard. Far be it from me to be prejudicial against my own people,... (more)

Book Reviews - Waptastic!

WBT's Jeremy Hill compares the first two books on WAP to emerge from the world's technical presses and comes down heavily in favor of one of them. Professional WAP With WML, WMLScript, ASP, JSP, XML, XSLT,  WTA, Push and VoiceXML Understanding WAP Wireless Applications, Devices, and Services The recent flood of interest in the wireless arena has brought with it an upsurge of interest in training programmers to incorporate WAP into corporate Web strategies, since the wireless revolution provides access to potentially billions of customers. Some of the best "founding fathers" of wirele... (more)

What a Tangled Web We Weave!

I have to say that I love introducing new technology to my mother. I recently sent her a WAP phone so she could see the rebirth of the Internet. My mom is a pretty tech-savvy woman, a computer geek herself (you wondered where I got it), but I noted almost instantly her fascination with and difficulty in adopting the new phone as her portal to the Internet. That struck a chord with me for a few reasons. She has had a number of cell phones that have met some pretty interesting fates. Cellular heaven and hell, I've determined, are flooded with phones run over by cars, dropped from ... (more)